Banks are outdoing themselves in issuing the most interesting offers for new customers. If you are thinking about changing your invoice, check current bank promotions. Thanks to this, you can benefit from moving your funds!

Changing the bank – where to start?

Are you thinking about changing the bank, but you are not very familiar with the financial market? It doesn’t matter, but make some free time to browse the offers. Adjusting the account management rules to your own needs is the first rule when choosing a bank. It is also worth paying attention to whether there are promotions available, thanks to which you can save a bit, and sometimes even … earn!

Below are examples of current bank promotions that you can use when creating an account. See how banks are fighting for new customers!

PLN 100 in the promotion

Set up an account online in Good Finance in the autumn and meet several conditions, and in the spring you can get PLN 100 in the promotion!

By the end of November 2017, launch a personal account via the Internet with a card and Open Savings Account – this is the first step to the prize. Direct account focuses primarily on self-service: you set everything and decide everything because you do it online. You pay PLN 0 for keeping the account, PLN 0 for domestic transfers (except for Express ELIXIR and SORBNET transfers), and PLN 0 for withdrawals from Good Finance and Planet Cash ATMs in Poland. The Visa debit card will also be free if you spend a month without cash (min. PLN 300

E-Money and up to PLN 650 with an account for young people

Set up eKonto Standard at E-Money online and give yourself a chance for regular cash prizes!

Become an eKonto Standard owner by 10/01/2018 – you can do it even now, quickly and conveniently, online. The bank will send you the contract by courier or deliver it to the nearest branch. The advantages of personal eKonto Standard definitely include no fees for opening and maintaining an account, internet transfers in PLN and cash withdrawals when shopping with a card, and – which must not be missed – for withdrawals from PLN 100 from Planet Cash, Euronet and BZ WBK SA ATMs

Each month of the promotion, you need to do several things:

  • log in to the E-Money mobile application,
  • fund your account with a minimum of 1000 PLN,
  • make purchases with a card or BLIK for min. PLN 250

What is all this for? To get a 4% refund on our expenses from the bank! You can receive up to PLN 130 each month. E-Money wants to donate up to PLN 650 to the person who joined the promotion from the very beginning!

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